DECALS Kamaz Red Bull Dakar Truck


Based on Matchbox Desert Thunder

You will need to do a fair bit of painting for this one. Firstly i painted the main body in white, then i masked off the cab design and painted the rest in blue. The base piece was masked and the sides painted blue, the rest left black and the grill painted white (some bases on these are grey so they will need painting black as well as the blue and white)

The interior piece needs masking and the front part spraying black and the rear part painting blue. I then painted the tyres black and detailed the lights and the exterior roll cage with a brush

The decals are everything you see on the sides and the top of the cab.

The decals where they need a white toner undercoat have been printed in two pieces to make them sit better, so you lay on the white and then lay on the colour

Please note that this option is for the decals only, a car is not included and you will have to source one yourself