Donor Car - Matchbox Peugeot 205 T16


If you don't have your own donor car to make your custom then i can sell you a donor car to use.

Please note that the price is higher than you will pay at a car boot sale or flea market, i would encourage you to look there and use this as a last resort. I have priced them above what you can get them for simply because this is my own stock that i use for customs, if i priced them low then people would just buy up all of my stock to sell on again.

Please also note that these cars are not in good condition, they will always have everything they should do (spoilers, lights, wheels, windows etc) without any breakages. The car you receive may not be the exact one pictured, but will of course be the kind of car you are looking for. You will need to do all prep work on the car to be ready to apply decals.